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The DII college social media level is not where it needs to be. It is a step above a high-school run social media account. The first step though is getting out there. The DII collegiate sports as a whole needs some work, but there are some schools that go above and beyond on their social media performance. Despite the majority of the schools not being up to par on their social media accounts, at least the schools are seeing that they are important.

Today’s younger generation is very tech savvy and really like to express themselves on social media. To keep up with today’s youth and to continue to improve the number of students on campus, universities need to be on social media as well. That is where their consumers are. Having a popular social media reputation goes a long way in the world of teenagers and young adults. It makes things seem more relatable and is more convenient for announcements. That being said it could also be used as a great recruiting tool. Clemson has a great social media account where they post videos or a photo of their student athletes daily. A school that is more relatable to this topic is Tiffin University. They do a fantastic job of showing all of their athletes love on all social media accounts, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. If more schools could utilize this free and valuable tool, DII collegiate sports could get the recognition that it deserves.

Division II sports will never be as popular as Division I sports. This definitely hurts them when it comes to social media coverage. There may be schools out there that do a fantastic job with keeping up to date with their teams and helping the community know what is going on but it does not leave the community. This lack of exposure makes it seem like the coverage is not there at all. Schools need to try to reach out to regional levels instead of local levels. Let everyone know in your area what you are doing. An increase in exposure correlates to a more popular image and more students and athletes.

Finally, teams could do a better job with the content that they put out. Honestly, they should let younger coaching staff or students run the page. The younger coaches and students know what is cool and what is old. They can help direct and new and more popular image. Keeping an account up to date on how the messages are sent out will win you over with other users on social media.

All in all, the Division II social media accounts are not where they need to be. Certain schools such as Tiffin University and Wingate are ahead of the curve but they are in the minority. The Division II social media is headed in the right direction and will eventually be where it needs to be.



Nate Simmons


Last One

During my short time blogging, I have learned a lot when it comes to the sports marketing world. For example, there is a lot that goes on behind the scene of a simple advertisement or commercial. A lot goes into branding whether it be for a team or company as well. I have learned a lot this past semester about the marketing side of the sports and this blog helped me interpret and discuss those things that I have learned.

When it comes to advertising, marketers must do some background research in order to know who they want to make their ad for or their target audience. A target audience is a specific group of people that a firm wants to market too. The company or team has people go out and collect data from their fans/customers to see who they really need to market too. Teams and firms that can do this more successfully tend to have better attendance/sales. Knowing who your customers are, opens the door for specific advertisements. If Nike’s target audience is teenagers then they are more likely to make a commercial with a popular artist and a famous athlete. If they were trying to market to an elderly person they would probably use a famous retired athlete in a much more relaxed setting. Knowing where to put your advertisements is important as well. For example, social media is a good place to put promotional videos of your team or product on a daily basis. A commercial is meant for a new product or product line, or to announce an upcoming game. There is a lot more to advertising than just using cool effects and a funny script. Branding has some tips and secrets behind it as well.

Branding is more than just a symbol of a company or school. Branding is what that brand represents. Branding is what you think when you see the symbol or when you hear the name of that company. Branding establishes your credibility and how people view your team/company. For example, Alabama’s football brand is the greatest in the NCAA. Alabama gets the best recruits from around the country because of their legacy and name. Recruits commit to Alabama before they even visit the university. Branding is very powerful and successful brands produce successful results.

Advertising and branding really stuck out to me this semester. There was a lot more that I learned over this semester but these are the two topics that stuck out to me. I really enjoyed this blog and the course.



Nate Simmons

Oregon Ducks Soaring

Everyone knows the University of Oregon for their crazy uniform combination and their funny but amazing mascot. However, what people do not realize about UO is that it is one of the strongest brands in the NCAA. The University of Oregon has a strong athletic history, unique way of promoting themselves, and an effective marketing brand.

The University of Oregon has 24 national titles. Most of which come from their men’s and women’s track team. Oregon arguably has one of the most prestigious track programs in the NCAA and Nike is their sponsor. This is not a coincidence. Nike was created by an Oregon coach and a former Oregon track runner. In a sense, Nike was created for the University of Oregon’s track team. Although in today’s media Oregon is well known for their fast-paced offense and their prolific scoring on the basketball court, do not forget that Oregon’s track team is still the kingpin in Eugene.

Oregon has many tactics to recruit these future Olympian runners to their university. Their reputation would seem to be enough to get all of these great recruits, however, it is not. Oregon employs many simple tactics to recruit their future stars. One of them is selling their logo or the O. the O is simple yet very powerful. The symbol is very easy to identify and every time you see a yellow O you automatically think of the Oregon Ducks. Another recruiting tool they use is their amazing sponsorship with Nike. Every sport has the latest gear and a multitude f uniforms to choose from. Thanks to their flashy uniforms and many different combinations, Oregon is usually in the media because of this and it makes Oregon more appealing to recruits. Another one of Oregon’s many tactics to welcome in recruits is their celebrity appearances on their athletic event sidelines. For example, LeBron James, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony have all appeared at an Oregon Duck football game. If you see professional sports superstar on the sideline of your game you must be doing something right.

The question really is how powerful and successful will this Oregon brand be? The answer is it will be very powerful. Not only will Oregon be dominant in track and field, but it will also be dominant in football, basketball, softball, and many other sports. Based on the trend the university is going in, they will be a force to reckon with.


Nate Simmons

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The Savvy Heat

The Miami Heat, like all other professional basketball teams, have many sponsors and partnerships. The Heat actually would like to partner with other organizations. They have a partnership with an Esport team called the Misfits. They also have sponsors such as McDonald’s, Target, Chase, and many other businesses, both local and nationwide. The Heat are open to new partners and are trying to sell themselves as a great partner.

The Miami Heat are looking to build their brand with new partners and different sponsors. The Heat do not have a bad reputation but they do participate in the NBA Cares program. The Heat have community activities such as Heat Learn to Swim and the Re-Heat Program. They are also involved in charities and education in Miami. They have built up a very successful and good-willed brand, however, they do not stop there. The Heat are willing to allow their partners access to their logo and their arena logo. They are also allowed to hold conferences or activities at American Airlines Arena. The Heat also provide social media representation of new partnerships and sponsors to let their fans know what is happening in Miami. The Heat provide their partnerships with fair accommodations regarding partnerships and sponsorships.

One of the Miami Heat’s most interesting partnership was with the Esports team, the Misfits. The Misfits have players competing in various games from different parts of the world. They have players from Germany, Sweden, Canada and other countries. Their partnership is very unique because the Miami Heat have to assist in the branding, promoting, marketing, and they even have to cross promote both teams. Heat’s Chief Executive said that they are innovative in all sports and businesses. With this partnership, they are targeting their younger audience because of the popularity of video games. Esports is pretty new to America, which means that there is a new sports market out there. Although the league is new to America, it is popular internationally and will provide the Heat with more brand awareness and recognition. Both sides are very happy to be working with each other. The Miami Heat look to expand their brand even more and to draw in more of the younger generation. The Misfits look to expand their brand in the United States and become a household name in Esports with the help of a popular NBA team.

The Miami Heat proves that it is one of the savvier brands in the NBA with their unpredictable partnerships. The Miami Heat may be having a down year in athletic competition department but they are on top of things from a business standpoint.

Nate Simmons



Brands and Senses

The five senses of hearing, sight, smell, touch, and taste play a huge role in our everyday functions. They help us decide what we want to eat, which shirt looks better than the other, what is an appealing aroma and what is not, etc. Taking this into consideration, companies have made their brands off of each of our senses. Companies try to sell their product and service any way they can and through studies, they found out that our senses have a lot to do with our decision making.

The sense of smell helps a brand target a certain consumer. Smelling a familiar smell can trigger some memories from all different parts of one’s life, including childhood. Brands take advantage of this by using familiar smells or by using a smell that makes something more appealing. For example, car companies use the “new car smell” to show their cars newness and to appeal to our sense of smell. Companies spray that sent to do exactly that.

The sense of sound can help consumers target certain age groups and certain moods. Music psychologically makes us speed up our decisions or helps set the mood for a store. This is why stores play familiar top 40 songs. Stores will also target a certain customer based on the music they play. Hollister plays pop music to attract more of the youth and less of the older generation. Brands also associate sounds with their brand. For example, Coca-Cola uses that fizzing sound for their brand recognition.

The sense of sight might be the sense that companies try to target the most. Seeing a nice-looking burger or the newest design of your favorite shoe brand can be very tempting. Companies also use certain color schemes to try to attract consumers. For example, McDonalds uses the colors red and yellow because this associates with hunger. Also, the famous brands use their logo as quick recognition with their brand. When someone sees a swoosh, they know it is Nike, and they know that they are going to get the higher end of sports apparel with a Nike product.

Companies do not use the sense of taste as often as the other senses but it is still a very influential one. When a person sees a fast food restaurant they often compare it with others. If someone wants something cheap with a pretty good taste they usually choose McDonalds. If they don’t mind spending a little more money for a better taste then that person might choose Chik-Fil-A.  Coca-Cola also tried to lift the brand with the slogan “Taste the Feeing”. The taste of something can trigger a time of happiness or a precious memory. For example, when my mom makes her grandmother’s cookies I always remember the first time I had the cookie with my grandma when I was five.

The last sense is touch. Touching might not seem all that important but it can stimulate some very different thoughts. Companies also build their brands off of the recognition of what you feel when you grab their product. Whether it’s the soft fabric from a clothing company or the nice slick glass from Coca-Cola it symbolizes that brand.

A couple of things that the Wesleyan football program could do is seem more appealing to the public. I know it will take a lot of money to be up to date with the latest uniforms and equipment, but if Wesleyan can find a way to make that happen it will certainly help to attract recruits and build our brand. Everyone knows who Oregon is because of their insane amount of uniform combinations. Maryland is quickly following right behind them with their combinations. If Wesleyan can start to accumulate the newer uniform designs it will help draw in better recruits and build the brand. You know what they say, “if you look good, you play good”.

Nate Simmons



Milwaukee on Top

Michael Grahl is the vice president of digital platforms for the Milwaukee Bucks and in this video, he came back to his alma mater to discuss his job and how he got there. In this video, I took away two key things Mike said during his talk to the audience. The first thing was that you must endure uncomfortable moments in order to succeed. The next thing I took away from this was to be who you are and no one else.

Mike brought up a great point when he said that you need to experience a bit of discomfort to move up and succeed. He used a great example when he explained how his first job was not what he planned it to be. Mike’s first job was in sales with the Milwaukee Bucks. He said he did not have the correct character traits and personality to be a salesman. He did not see this in his future at all. However, he stuck his foot in the door and took every opportunity he could receive to put himself ahead. He went out of his comfort zone and it ended up working out in the long run. Having experience in many different fields can only help someone. Mike then stayed with the Bucks and saw himself raise all the way up the rank of V.P of digital platforms. Getting out of your comfort zone might be one of the most important business lessons of all time.

Mike also talked about just being yourself in life in general. He gave an example of him meeting his coaching idol George Karl. He was excited and said it was an honor to meet him. Coach Karl responded by saying “I hate your f****** glasses”. He continued by saying you’re standing out and being an individual. He then learned to just be himself. He did not need to change himself in order to become more likable or successful. In the long run, no one likes a brown nose. People thrive with different personalities and different ways of thinking. If you pretend to be someone you’re not then the truth will come out eventually.

Overall, I encourage everyone to watch the video on this page.  It is very inspiring and a good insight on a successful man’s story. Mike Grahl provided a nice presentation and it was very informational.

Nate Simmons

Advertising to the World

An advertisement is one of the oldest forms of promoting an item or an organization. Advertisements can come in many forms. There are radio ads, poster ads, and even commercials. The goal of advertising something is to let people know that an event is happening or that an item is being sold. The people sending the ad out want people to become aware of situations.

Last year the Rams moved from St. Louis to Los Angeles. In order to get people excited about the move, they created posters of famous Rams player around famous L.A hangouts and places. They are definitely going for the football fans in Los Angeles but what group are they specifically targeting in this ad. This ad shows Todd Gurley at what looks like Hermosa Beach. This is appealing to their more youthful fans. This also looks as if they are targeting families as well. I say this because the beach is usually filled with high school or college kids. Also, the beach is filled with families as well. Not to mention that the Rams chose their rookie stud, Todd Gurley, to be at the beach. Todd was one of the youngest players on the team at the time. To touch on the state of mind segmentation, they are going for people who like to have a good time and relax. The beach symbolizes relaxation and time to yourself while admiring the scenery. They want people to feel this while at their new stadium. They want people to enjoy their games.

la-rams-hed-2016That was an example of a poster ad. There are many other ways to advertise what you want to say. For example, you could have a commercial. In 2013 Nike came out with a football commercial. The commercial starred Shawne Merriman of the Chargers and Steven Jackson of the Rams. Yes, I am a Rams fan if you could not tell. Anyway, this commercial showed these two young players going non-stop against three to four teams. You could obviously tell they were getting tired, as most athletes do in sports, but they kept pushing. At the end of the commercial the words “leave nothing” showed up on the screen which summed up what the commercial was about.

This ad was specifically made for football players. Not the people who play catch in the yard but people who compete competitively. The age group would range from grade-school all the way up to college. The focus of this commercial is for mainly high-school players and above because that is when the training starts to get serious. This ad is designed for people who go through that type of fatigue when playing football. Nike is trying to relate to the average person who plays football by showing an encouraging ad with two superstars. It’s as if Nike is taking them off the pedestal we put them on and showing you that they are not different. The difference is that they know how to “leave nothing” and maybe the common football player does not. They also are wearing the latest Nike football apparel but that is for a different reason.

Looking at the different forms of ads can be interesting. Everyone has a different style and a different way of going about things and ads are adjusting so that they can appeal to those different ways. Next time you watch an ad think about those different types of people that company is trying to market.

Nate Simmons